How to tell if an online casino is fake?

online casino

The casino industry in general has gone through a transition in the last many decades and one of the reasons is the technological developments that are happening and thanks to the advent of the online casino, gambling has reached to wide corners of the world. However, where there are benefits, there are also potential dangers that the internet has exposed us to. You have to be careful when you are dealing online casino Singapore. Whether you are on an online casino or not, there is an amount of danger that lurks around. Make sure that you are following all the safety measures that ensure that the money is safe. Even though there are lesser spoof casinos on the internet due to the vigilance of the casino houses and authorities but you can’t rule it all out. The best is tom play safe and make sure that you don’t fall in the trap. There are certain things that you must do when you are signing up for a casino.

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Online casinos are similar to offline casino except that you aren’t entering a casino but playing online. All things are real. So the first thing that you must do is to find whether the casino has a license or not. Legit casinos are required to get a license to run the business and it is usually posted at the bottom of the homepage of the website. If you can’t find it there, scan other pages and it will be there somewhere. However, just in case if you can’t find it all on the website, the best you can do is to head to a site that has one.


This is one of the important issues addressed by the online casinos. They use extra layers of security to protect the customer data and this will also be reflected by SSL certificates. If you can’t spot an SSL certificate, your data is vulnerable and you must not wager on the site. It is not a good idea to do.



When we are talking about professional sites, there is no space for mistakes where you perfectly get everything. On the contrary, online sites are full of mistakes. They are made in a hurry and the sole purpose is to steal your information. The site will be riddled with mistakes and within seconds you will be able to spot them.


If you are getting an offer that is hard to believe or out of the box, the site is not a legit one. It is common for sites to give offers but that is under the limits. Furthermore, if you can’t find important pages like customer care or about us, then the site is not secure.


Security is very important when you are dealing with sg96ace money and when it comes to an online casino you will have to see everything. From reviews of the sites to the design, if it’s a fake site there will be something that will give it away.

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