The Best Nail Care on Hilton Head Island

Regular nail services are offered by our next door neighbours at All About Me Salon.

The Sanctuary does offer:

Spa Pedicure $50 Gel Pedicure $70

Following nail and cuticle work our fabulous sugar scrub enriched with essential oils is massaged in and then hard skin removal is performed. After a revitalising massage polish is applied.

UltimatePedicure $70

A truly holistic experience leaving feet smooth, refreshed and revitalized. Recline and relax in our deluxe massaging pedi throne, soaking your feet in aromatic foot bath. Nail and cuticle work is followed by a sea salt scrub, hard skin removal, foot mask and luxurious hot stone massage and paraffin. The experience is concluded with a polish application.

Hand Peels, Anti-Aging Masks & Paraffin  $20

Our hands reflect our age and are often abused and neglected. By exfoiliating the hands, as we do the face, the hands will look more youthful and feel smoother and softer. In addition, the removal of dead skin allows the lotions we use to penetrate more efficiently. Ideally performed weekly, even one treatment will ­revitalise your hands and cuticles.

Spa Manicure $45

A european manicure, followed by exfoliation, parrafin and nourishing oil treatment for the cuticles.